Half way Around the World and Back

I have been humbled many times in the past 10 months by this Peace Corps experience, and I keep making the mistake of believing I have reached the appropriate level of humility and the lessons can stop. And yet every time I'm surprised when it happens again. Before deciding to go home for two weeks... Continue Reading →

Home – Where is that again?

Tired eyes slide open, drawn to the brightest object in the room. The digital clock. 5:30 a.m. My brain registers the room, the hum of the air conditioning, the soft pillows, the dog sleeping on the floor next to me. A dream has left traces in the fog of my mind. A dream of sweat... Continue Reading →

The First Days – A New Life Begins

Saturday, June 11. My sister drove me to D.C. I had nothing but two suitcases and a backpack containing all of my possessions for the next two years. The last few weeks have been so full of goodbyes I can’t even count them anymore and they all sort of blend together. The last goodbye seemed... Continue Reading →

31 Days to Adventure

Exactly one month from today, I will board a plane with 19 other volunteers and fly to the other side of the world. I won't be back for more than two years. Joining the Peace Corps has been a dream of mine for so long it has hardly seemed real. It hardly seemed real last... Continue Reading →

Women in the Newsroom

There is a lot of hype out in the media these days about women being oppressed by, well… the media. Media, you may want to check yourself, you seem to be setting a double standard. In all seriousness as a woman and as a proud and recent member of the media, this is an issue... Continue Reading →

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