To busy, or not to busy

Life here is slow paced. Though no one sleeps past 6 a.m. and for the women the work hours seem to extend until past sundown, busy is not the lifestyle of Comoros. The typical business day ends around 2 or 3 p.m. My host father once after settled onto the porch, glass of juice in... Continue Reading →


ABC’s and 123’s: More than just an English lesson

Besides teaching at the middle school in my village, I also teach a class at the regional military base as well as a class for adults in the area who want to learn English. I was hesitant to begin these extra classes, but they have turned out to be beyond rewarding. My student’s eagerness to... Continue Reading →

Home for the holidays

Yesterday Comoros celebrated the Muslim Day of Ascension, or as it is know here - Mi'raj. It is the day the prophet Muhammad was supposed to have ascended into heaven, where he met with many other profits before finally speaking with God directly. It is one of the most sacred days on the Islamic calendar... Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life

  Have you ever been woken up by a rooster? If not, know that movies lie to you. The quintessential lone rooster perched on a roof top letting out a single caw to let the world know the sun is on its way up would be lovely. But it’s never just one call. It’s never […]

Stopping the Party

When something  tough happens to you during Peace Corps service you have a few options on how to handle it emotionally. You can hunker down in the mire and allow it to color all of your service. Peace Corps is hard, and having to deal with another hard thing on top of that is like... Continue Reading →

Message Sent and Received

There is a topic I have been hesitant to write about so far, but it's been on my mind so much I can't not write about it. The elections were noisey this year, and the post election conversation was so cluttered with anger, confusion, fear, etc.Hopefully what I have to say won't add to the... Continue Reading →

Half way Around the World and Back

I have been humbled many times in the past 10 months by this Peace Corps experience, and I keep making the mistake of believing I have reached the appropriate level of humility and the lessons can stop. And yet every time I'm surprised when it happens again. Before deciding to go home for two weeks... Continue Reading →

Home – Where is that again?

Tired eyes slide open, drawn to the brightest object in the room. The digital clock. 5:30 a.m. My brain registers the room, the hum of the air conditioning, the soft pillows, the dog sleeping on the floor next to me. A dream has left traces in the fog of my mind. A dream of sweat... Continue Reading →

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