The Afterlife: I’m supposed to know what comes next??

Some time ago the clock here flipped. Rather than adding up the weeks and months that I have been here, I started counting down the months I have left. Seven. I have seven months left. It is an eternity that will flash past before I can get a firm grip on the fact that my... Continue Reading →


Filling the Time

Filling the days here when there are no classes to teach, no weddings to attend, and no clothes to be washed can be a bit of a challenge. Options for entertainment are limited to a walk around the village, maybe a hike to the far ridge if you’re feeling sporty that day. It’s easy to... Continue Reading →

Legalities of laundry

Washing clothes in Comoros is a chore. I don’t know why I ever complained about doing laundry at home. Here, it involves hauling many buckets of water, a lot of scrubbing, more rinsing than you think it should take to get soap out; and after all that your clothing never actually feels clean. What I... Continue Reading →

Modern world, modern volunteer

Disclaimer: The thoughts in this blog pertain strictly to my experience in Comoros. I cannot speak for the situation in other countries. During the past year I have received a lot of surprised, and sometimes slightly disapproving, comments about how much access I have to the internet, a cellphone, and technology in general. Peace Corps... Continue Reading →

Wait, it’s been a year??

One year ago today, I was sitting on my sister's living room floor with a suitcase in front of me and piles of stuff strewn across the room. A crumpled packing list I had been obsessing over for the past few weeks lay behind me, next to the scale waiting to way my luggage and... Continue Reading →

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