The two-year Blog Post

Two years. Today, I have been in Comoros for two years. No matter what happens now, no one can take that away from me. I have two years of experiences, memories, photos, hardships, overwhelming joy, and the love of another family that will always be mine. Is still can’t put into words how Peace Corps... Continue Reading →



I have made the discovery that it is impossible for me to write about an event while I am in the middle of going through it. How can you possibly write about your thoughts and perspectives when they are still whirling with no sign of stopping? It’s like trying to photograph a spinning top, it... Continue Reading →

Filling the Time

Filling the days here when there are no classes to teach, no weddings to attend, and no clothes to be washed can be a bit of a challenge. Options for entertainment are limited to a walk around the village, maybe a hike to the far ridge if you’re feeling sporty that day. It’s easy to... Continue Reading →

Legalities of laundry

Washing clothes in Comoros is a chore. I don’t know why I ever complained about doing laundry at home. Here, it involves hauling many buckets of water, a lot of scrubbing, more rinsing than you think it should take to get soap out; and after all that your clothing never actually feels clean. What I... Continue Reading →

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